REGURGITATOR go retroteching 2012

Jun 28, 2012

RETROTECH 2012 tour REGURGITATOR play UNIT & TU PLANG In an era beset by an abcess of competition, an influenza of celebrity, a continental flux of technology… and the gasping breath of Regurgitator’s nineteenth year as the twilight of its teen years bears down on the double decades. Without looking back for the sake of […]

GAME OVER! ART SHOW! Ben Ely new works!

Jun 7, 2012

Ben Ely from REGURGITATOR is having an exhibition of more new art works… this time in Brisbane at the LUST FOR LIFE gallery space, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Bouncing from the inspired visual direction demonstrated on the most recent Regurgitator album SuperHappyFuntimesFriends, Ben has assembled a collection of painting provoked by his love of old-school video […]

SMELL MY FUNDRAISER Benefit for Blackie

May 30, 2012

JUNE 9 sees a hastily produced Benefit for Blackie and the Hard-Ons after his recent cab attack in Sydney. Quan and Ben have been friends with Ray and Blackie since their early days with one of their first shows in Sydney in early 1994 as guest support. Peter of course has played drums with the […]

Red Deer Flurry… another show!

May 17, 2012

With a flurry of activity not seen for a few months now, we crank up the gears and announce another performance at the Red Deer festival in early September… just outside of Brisbane at Mt Samson. No doubt you have read about this already per the attached festival announcement. See you there. BRISBANE’S RED DEER […]

Back on the Rumble Rock… 4ZZZ benefit

May 17, 2012

Back on the rumble… Regurgitator return to Brisbane in June to wrestle a rollicking rock set and assist 4ZZZ in the race to raise money for a new transmitter. 4ZZZ & RAVE MAGAZINE present RUMBLE ROCK WRESTLING 4!! The hottest night of high octane rock and wrestling mayhem returns, bigger and better than ever! Be […]

Regurgitator’s Brisbane xmash…

Dec 18, 2011

REGURGITATOR With new single NO SHOW from the most recent album currently seeking out the waves of various radio devices and a video in the making we can emit more good timings for the sully season… The SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMES2011XMASMASHUP at THE ZOO in Brisbane on DEC 18… and super furry friends trawling the undergrowth with us […]

Big Day Out Auckland

Nov 24, 2011

BIG DAY OUT Auckland Word is now out that we patched ourselves onto the 2012 BIG DAY OUT… stitched in with the likes of DAS RACIST, GIRL TALK, ART VS SCIENCE, BATTLES, ODD FUTURE, ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI, MARIACHI EL BRONX, FOSTER THE PEOPLE and more… Regurgitator for your viewing delight will be smothering Auckland, Gold […]


Oct 28, 2011

With Quan currently lodged in Tokyo for the near future things feel a little quiet so how better to shake some shit by announcing our SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESNEWYEARS2012SMASHUP at THE CORNER in Melbourne rather coincidentally on DEC 31.   Squeezed inbetween the “UNIT only” performances at FALLS & SOUTHBOUND will be a slaphappycrazed night of where we […]

The tide is high… superhappyfuntimesfriends out now

Sep 11, 2011

REGURGITATOR The cruise ship has crashed the rocks not… as the tide really came in for Regurgitator on this recent national tour in celebration of the Superthappyfuntimesfriends. SOLD OUT shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Geelong, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth left many adrift in the fury of the waves of enthusiasm on and off the stage. […]


Aug 1, 2011

REGURGITATOR New album SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESFRIENDS out AUG 5 Featuring latest fast times single ONE DAY… and latest ALL FAKE EVERYTHING! As ONE DAY surfs up the radio and net waves further new tracks have surfaced with the rising tide of new album SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESFRIENDS – the latest being ALL FAKE EVERYTHING which has provoked some great feedback. […]