Regurgitator – One Day

Jun 23, 2011

ONE DAY… to the next.

Download at our bandcamp.

So last year’s feeling was to cruise ahead recording and releasing tracks as they bobbed to the surface and disseminate as pleased via the many layers seemingly offered on the web… and in doing so possibly echo the way music is potentially engaged with more and more through the decentralised broadchaos of the net.

All kicked off with a selection of tracks surfacing in this manner and then things got distracted as they tend to do… and out of the great wide blue the guys have now dropped an album’s worth of material all forthcoming over the next month or so on digital, vinyl, cassette, CD and even Playbutton. Shacked up in their Melbourne dwellings and put together in the midst of a enforced creative blizzard… it seems the concept of the album was not without value still as it afforded the more focused structure and disciplined approach they seem to require. Ahhh… the frenzy of an an artistic tempest whipped up by the wild seas of a self-enforced deadline – all comes now pieced together under the title SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMEFRIENDS.

First track ONE DAY leaves the dock now… and the rest of the material will emerge in time to be available under, over and beyond the extended August tour.

Also of note… Regurgitator’s “UNIT” was recently voted #13 on the industry voted Triple J TOP 100 Australian albums… most decently grouped with Brisbane’s other top contenders in this list: THE GO-BETWEENS at #11 with “16 Lovers Lane”; and THE SAINTS at #12 with “I’m Stranded”. Unit topped the personal lists of Muscles and Art vs Science.

ONE DAY available at radio now and online now.
We love dissemination!