SMELL MY FUNDRAISER Benefit for Blackie

May 30, 2012

JUNE 9 sees a hastily produced Benefit for Blackie and the Hard-Ons after his recent cab attack in Sydney. Quan and Ben have been friends with Ray and Blackie since their early days with one of their first shows in Sydney in early 1994 as guest support. Peter of course has played drums with the Hard-Ons over an extensive period of time only recently passing the sticks on that he picked up from Keish back in 2002. The show is at The Tote in Melbourne along with The Meanies, The Spazzys, Dead and Bat Piss. Details below.


BAT PISSThe Tote Hotel
Saturday 9 June 2012

The axe wielding, head banging, ambassador of Australian Punk needs no introduction. Making ear blistering noise in Nunchukka Superfly, finger picking an acoustic in solo mode or shredding an SG in Hard Ons, he has held a middle finger aloft at the mainstream on stages worldwide for over 25 years.

Recently Blackie (Peter Black) was the victim of a physical assault while at work driving a cab. He sustained head injuries that will see him unable to work for two months at the very least. Hard Ons were forced to cancel their remaining tour dates. The financial pressure this puts on the band and Blackie is immense. Hard Ons operate on a shoestring budget and Blackie, being self employed, will have no income while out of work.

Refusing to let the band carry this burden alone the underground music community have banded together to show their support for a band and a bloke who has contributed so much to Australian punk music. This contribution is impossible to measure and unfortunately has never been rewarded in the form of an income. The Hard Ons remain a very expensive hobby for all members, subsidised by second jobs.

Remaining scheduled tour dates for The Hard Ons will now operate as benefit shows. It takes more than this to stop a Hard Ons tour!

On Sat June 9th The Tote Hotel, Collingwood will host an epic lineup with all proceeds from the show going to Blackie. There will also be a raffle and merch for sale giving everyone plenty of great ways to contribute to the cause.

Tickets go on sale Monday 28 May from Oztix and The Tote Hotel Front Bar